Microbeads are polluting our waters!!

I haven’t really been pushing the whole clean green thing on my blog so much (my mom is absolutely sick of how I harp on about it at home), but I saw Sample Hime’s new blog post on microbeads polluting our water today and had to share it!!

If you want to read the whole thing, there’s the link above. But for those that just want a super condensed version of how YOU can help, below is an extract from her tl;dr


Well for starters, consumers need to be more conscious of their choices in products and avoid products that contain PLASTIC BASED microbeads. Although some manufacturers may try to be sneaky, there are many resources that will help you identify the plastic ingredients in your scrubs, as well as lists of offending brands and products.
Beat the Microbead offers a comprehensive list of international brands and products containing plastic beads sorted by country!
They have also kindly put together a list of brands that are pledging to replace microbeads with safer alternatives, or have already done so!
If you’re looking for a list of safe products, Allure made a nice little list of substitutes.

And best of all–Plastic Soup put together a smart phone app that allows you to scan the barcode of your product in question to find out if it contains those nasty plastic beads!

Screencaps of Plastic Soup’s app from Sample Hime’s blog

You can help this issue along by writing to your local governments, and by sharing this information on your blog! It’s up to us to educate other people, because quite frankly, before I read about this I had no idea! I’m sure there are just many people out there who also never gave this a passing thought.

If after reading this, you really want to know how to have the microbead effect in your masks and cleansers by using biodegradable products, head to Sample Hime’s post for her list of recommended natural alternatives!
Bloggers and readers alike, please spread this news around!
  • Great for spreading the awareness! It’s important for us to take care of our planet, after all, it’s the only one we’ve got….