September Gyaru Nails

A new month, a new nail set!


I had been eyeing marble tile type designs for several months now, but could never be bothered doing anything with such detail.


This month’s design was originally supposed to be black/white marble base. When I went to get my base acrylic done at the nail salon, I saw this lovely baby pink shade of nail polish and just had to get it. And that’s how I ended up with pink/white marble base :L

The marble effect is very very subtle even though I used an opaque white in 3 coats.

I’m rather pleased with how it turned out though. First time I’ve done something delicate/subtle!


On the bright side, I finally got to crack open a pink set of floral nail tattoos (I am SO loving these) and make a start on diminishing my stock of 3D diamantes. I actually have so many 3D stones I don’t think they will ever be completely finished hahaha


Princess Pink Jewels September Nails



Product Breakdown

Extension: Clear acrylic on tips

Base: Baby pink (unknown brand) and Alpine Snow ( OPI)

Glitter top coat on accent nails: Offbrand

All additional accessories/deco items: Taobao (various stores)