November Nails

This month’s nails were designed with Fiji in mind!


Originally, I was leaning towards a blue/purple color theme thinking it would both blend in and stand out with the beautiful tropical waters.

When I went to my usual nailist for my acrylic extensions though, I noticed they had swapped out their winter nail polish colors for bright summery shades. One of which is the super glittery base you see on my fourth fingers.

The glitter is silver, but I felt like it would look better with warmer colors.

I ended up digging out a range of white/pink flowers with a semi-tropical feel, and paired them with a mixed pot of crushed shells. The shells were mostly baby pink, but had baby blue and lilac mixed in. Mixed color shells actually look better used as a gradient than single color shells right?

Below the shells, I laid a thin gradient layer of white glitter powder. It brings out the glittery-ness and the color of the shells more, without affecting the color theme!



tropical floral island holiday nails for November

Products used

Clear nail tips with natural pink acrylic

White glitter powder (fine)

Crushed shells mixed colors

Floral nail tattoos (a selection from what I purchased here)

Holographic pearl discs (also can be found at the end of the nail products section in this post)

Rhinestones in baby pink, rose pink, clear

Silver accent glitter: OPI Spotlight On Glitter in Desperately Seeking Sequins


I realised I didn’t actually post a haul with the crushed shells. I bought the wheel-type (which is why the colors got mixed up) which looks something like this –

crushed shell nail art wheel

I purchased them from Taobao though, so I don’t remember the store I bought them from anymore. They’re listed on aliexpress and ebay for sure if you want to buy some. It’s just more expensive than buying from taobao imo

These nails were actually really simple, but looked fantastic for the holiday. I ended up breaking a nail and cutting all of them mid-length earlier this week, but the french nail design remains visible and it looks great even as normal length  short nails!

If you recreate this nailset or are inspired by this design, please show me your design through the comments here or on social media! I would love to see variations of these! 🙂

  • David Wilson

    Wow,super-nice and very pretty! About how long does it take when you have them done? You always look very pretty in pictures that you post.You put together awesome outfits and always have very nice hair and makeup! When it comes to fashion and makeup,some of my likes are:long,shiny,healthy looking hair,beautiful nails ( even just a solid/pretty color is ok ), glossy lipsticks,shoes or fashion boots with high heels,and of course,well applied makeup.Eye shadow of a pretty color is a plus.Purple,green or bronzy shades are some of my favorites.Some of my fashion dislikes are,short-boyish looking hair,when girls wear a dress or skirt without pantyhose,matte lipsticks,flat shoes worn with a pretty outfit.What’s in a persons heart is the most important though. OK…..have a great weekend!! 😀 David

    • Thank you! I block out half a day once a month to do my nails.

      You have many detailed preferences!

      Hope you have a good weekend too 🙂

      • David Wilson

        Yeah,I guess I do have very detailed preferences! That being said,a girl doesn’t have to have all my “likes” to appeal to me and even when a girl has some of my fashion dislikes I may still find her appealing 🙂 Thank you!