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New nails! Custom set for Meta 2014 LP outfit

Librarycon happened last week, and in commemoration of the first (and possibly last >>;) time Tenshi and I will wear our Meta lucky pack sets TOGETHER, I decided to make nailsets to match each of our outfits!

heart, circular and tear shaped chatons from taobao and crowns from Born Pretty Store

My first try drawing a pleat design. And it’s my first time drawing in a loooong time. My hands are so unsteady T_T

Close up from my instagram @snowrii
Tenshi’s nails~

I used silver tape, blinged bows, small flatbacks in clear, pearl, and light blue with little twin stars nail tattoos :3

Tenshi’s art group T-RAPS made a lot of cute chibi stickers!
Human octopus? Do you see all the legs?? haha

I was really blind and thought all these arms and legs were part of one sticker, forming a naked human octopus chibi. And so the joke continued with all the other stickers….

Two heads. It’s so cute right!?
He’s holding my nail? ;w; 
Another octopus.
My look
The only ‘natural’ photo I could get of Tenshi
Jojo fans will understand x.x (I’m not a fan so I don’t really know the character/story behind this pose…)
Group photo with Pink and Tenshi! I was the odd one out cause I can’t draw to save my life orz
My crown deco pieces came in a set of 5 to try out from Born Pretty Store.

The price is actually in the same ballpark as similar items on Ebay, but there are soooo many crowns and stuff to choose from so it’s like an aggregated beauty store! Everything is free shipping anyway, so all in all, shopping on Born Pretty Store is just more convenient, equal in quality, and equally as cheap as buying from Ebay!

They have all the stuff you would find on Aliexpress but in smaller lots which is more convenient for people who don’t do THAT many nails. I bought a whole bunch of “200 pieces xxxx” and I have nooo idea when I will ever finish them lol OTL

Close up photo because the bling is too strong to see the details hahaha

I really love the detail of a jewel at the top and 5 small ones along the bottom of the crown. Gives it that extra subtle bling bling~

The flow of their stock is really really rapid so every time I go on there seems to be different items in stock haha. I can no longer find these crowns because I actually received them a while ago and haven’t had time to use them till now, but there are some awesome nail products that would go with current style trends!
Find these danglies here
Find this pearly cluster here – these save a lot of time when deco-ing!
Find these dried flowers here

and in honor of Halloween which is fast approaching…

Find this set of temporary tattoos here
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Type in SNOWH10 in the coupon textbox!

Shop at Born Pretty store here!

I will also be reviewing a set of false lashes I got from there too! They’re super fluffy and natural!