Nail inspiration for my upcoming nailset ~

It’s the start of exam season in NZ for us tertiary students, so the uni labs are always super packed now ><
Good luck to everyone with exams in the next few weeks!
My departure for Europe is the morning of the day after my exam (yes I only have one paper with a final exam this semester), so I only have one evening to gel and deco my nails!
Knowing that far ahead of time has relieved me of much stress around the thought of having to figure out what I want to do with my nails in that evening ON TOP OF actually making them.
Truthfully, I still haven’t drawn out what I want to do with my nails yet. I’ve picked out a few nail polish colors, but that’s likely to change now that I’ve decided to use a different set of nail tattoos (with different color scheme).
Speaking of nail tattoos!
I finally did a quick trial of the nail tattoos I bought from my last taobao haul! Little noob me managed to screw up even sticking on a nail tattoo, but thankfully I was able to fix it up and it doesn’t look toooo shabby for a first try ^^;

I’m so glad I actually did a test run. If this happened the night before I have to board a flight, I’d totally flip and freak out. Actually.

So yeah, as you can see, the house is a little messed up at the bottom, but it’s not too bad. I’ve learnt my lesson ^^;
Nail tattoos are so much better than nail stickers! They’re as thin as I remembered (from a nail salon in China) and you can’t see the edge of the tattoo at all, so it looks drawn on!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
I also received my acrylic set today which I’m super excited about! I don’t know if I’ll get to practice with that before the day I need to use it so…fingers crossed things work out and I have natural talent? Lmao who am I kidding.
Anyway, here is an image spam of the nail art I will be drawing inspiration from, for my upcoming nail set! Hopefully this will be good for everyone in the northern hemisphere heading into summer too 🙂
I’ve probably reblogged all the images here from tumblr, but there are also a few extra from instagram and magazines and google/pinterest. Sorry won’t be providing credits cause there’s just too many photos, and tbh IDK where most came from anyway. On the other hand if you find your image here, tell me and I’ll happily credit you.
Sorry about the quality of snaps from my nail up magazine. iPhone camera quality is not the best ><

The tutorials in Nail Up! are really good! I’m so happy its possible to do a marble style nail with normal nail polish (on a small scale, like drawing hearts in latte art), though I doubt the effect would be anywhere near as good as gel. Anywho, it seems that most designs in these magazines are now using gel or acrylic paint, so I actually went out and bought some. I think instead of buying gel, it may be much easier for non-pros to stock up on acrylic paint instead. I haven’t tried my acrylic paint yet, and don’t know when I’ll find time, but I imagine the effect would be pretty good.
Have you gotten a new nail set recently? Please comment images of them if you have! I’d love to see other nail designs too, as my pick is somewhat narrow in regards to the style focus ><~