Lady Summer Nail Design

Now that the sun has finally come out, and it feels (somewhat) like summer, it’s time to bring out summer nail designs again!

I’ve been taking a break with gel/acrylics over the past few months as my nails really needed some time to breathe. Instead, painting my actual nails but it’s no fun at all! There’s just no real estate to work with!!

So back to nail extensions I go~

The nail tech that did my acrylics this month was so good! She’s given me the straightest edges and sharp talons out of all the ones I’ve had, and she actually referenced the photos I brought! Everlast Albany, you’ve done well bringing in this lady ❤

This month’s theme is the culmination of a few of the popular designs this year, together with two nail deco pieces I’ve been dying to use – the paua print oval and the blue/gold jewel cluster. Lady Summer seemed the appropriate name given the tropical theme yet retaining the colors and aesthetics of recent otome/anegal designs.

The pinkies are a glitter gradation base – silver glitter, to blue and then white glitter dust. Meanwhile, the ring finger base is a gradation of baby blue to grey blue crushed shells, the middle finger a coat of off-white glitter polish, and the index finger white polish with white glitter dust gradation. Gradation is my favourite theme this year because it’s so effortless to look so polished! The thumbs (though not visible in this photo) are pretty much the same as the pinkies but with a few more diamantes either side of the pearl to make up for the larger space to work with.

The colors definitely don’t do my nails justice compared to real life – the shimmer is so understated here and it just looks like overexposure! In reality, the shimmer is so strong and beautiful with a myriad of colors within the blue and white glitter powders. It’s my favourite theme when it comes to summer nail designs <3

lady summer nail design

Products used

Clear nail tips with natural pink acrylic

OPI: funny bunny

glitter: silver

glitter powder: baby blue, white

crushed shells: baby blue, grey blue, some other colors mixed in by accident ;;;

gold tape

holographic discs, pearls, variety of clear and cloudy rhinestones, cluster diamantes, paua print oval pieces, gold square frame pieces, gold shells, silver ‘fish roe’

Because the cluster of jewels form a third of a circle, I backed up the back of it with a cloudy diamante, a clear teardrop diamante, and a medium pearl flatback. It looks just like a massive cluster, and makes for a great accent nail!

A high school friend (OM) is getting married next week, so I really wanted to have my old style of nails back for the occasion. Hopefully, when we look back on photos from this time in our old age, the gal spirit in me will still be strong and proud and we can reminisce about the good ol’ days x’D

I hope you liked this nail set! If you take inspiration from it, please tag me on the social media platform (I go by snowrii on every  social media platform) so I can check it out!

  • Alexis

    Those little seashells on your nails are crazy cool. I also love the use of the gold tape!


    • They’re so convenient! I purchased them on aliexpress but they come in a pack of like 100 I have no idea when I’ll ever get through them x’D

      Gold tape is so elegant, I might use them in my next set too!

      Thanks for dropping by Alexis~

      • Alexis

        Oh, my! That’s a lot of gold tape. I’m sure it’ll last you for years and years 🙂
        I’ll be on the lookout for another one of your nail posts. I can’t wait to see!

        I hope that you’re having a lovely day!

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