July Nails

I wasn’t actually planning to have my nails done this month.


See, I usually get my nails re-extended on the first Sunday of the month, but because there is a ski trip planned for the second weekend of August, I thought perhaps I could stretch my June nails till mid-July and then just not do them for July.


I was both wrong and right.


I did manage to stretch my previous nails till the middle of this month…


June 2015 nails
June 2015 nails


But I ended up peeling the acrylics off, leaving my nails in a brutal and vulnerable state that was entirely unacceptable in terms of both look and health.

One nail was torn so bad that the end of the nailbed was exposed :<

Of course, this meant I had to get it fixed pronto. Exposed nailbeds are very sensitive and painful y’know?


Although I intended to have short nails for this month so that they won’t be too long by the time ski trip comes around, my usual nailist automatically trimmed the nail tips to a mid-length.

And I could not bring myself to request for shorter. That would be blasphemy 🙁


So I guess by the time ski trip comes around in 3 weeks, I may have to give my nails a cut haha. So much for prepping short nails for the trip!


In the meantime, I’ve done a temporary simple set of nails:


July 2015 nails
July 2015 nails


Product breakdown

Extension: Natural pink acrylic over natural clear half-nail

Base: OPI In The Spot-Light Pink

Top: OPI Don’t Speak


I plan on re-painting them in a week’s time if they chip, so I didn’t bother with a clear top coat. The bumpiness of the gold and glitter layer irks me, but not enough to put on another coat that I will eventually have to wash off x.x;


What design should I do next week…

Maybe I should do some painting for once?