Elegant Mauve Nail Inspiration

Today’s elegant mauve nail set includes many photos. I hope you can draw some inspiration from this new mani/pedi set!

elegant mauve mani and pedi

Typically, my manicures last around a month before I start picking them off, and my previous set Lady Summer was exceptionally satisfying. Last week I couldn’t stand the state they were in anymore, so I went and did a simple quick set to tie over until I do my nails for the new year.

Also, my AB flatback crystals arrived and they are so colourful and shiny! I love them so so much and plan to order some more 2mm crystals. You can never have too many of the smallest size, scattered all over the nail <3

I purchased the color Just Lanai-ing Around as I was waiting for my nail appointment. It’s such an in trend tone this year and perfect to match my Colourpop and Gerard Cosmetics lip hauls when they arrive *v*

elegant mauve on opi just lanai-ing around
Just Lanai-ing Around is a very opaque polish. One thick coat does the job most of the time

My iphone 5s camera quality is so abhorrent. I’ve changed phones this week though (to a xiaomi5) so hopefully photos will be a bit better going forward!

elegant mauve mani pedi liz lisa platforms
This pedicure is so strong and nice to show off!

Surprisingly, despite wearing covered shoes all week and going for runs, my pedicure including the flatbacks have held up the best.  The elegant mauve shade really stands out on the toes as they’re such small dabs of color but so strong! If anything, I’m liking my pedicure more than my manicure wtf

elegant mauve nail set

Products used

Polish: OPI Just Lanai-ing Around, Essie Matte About You, OPI top coat

Nail art glue for flatbacks

Hard gel for the large diamond pieces on 4th finger

AB flatbacks (the mixed size set I purchased that really needs more 2mm pieces)

It’s a really simple set this time right? Just the combination of matte and shiny versions of the same elegant mauve tone with a scattering of jewels makes it look so done up!

Also, if you’re looking for a matte polish I do not recommend Essie. It’s not very matte and is also very thick on application. I’m just finishing my bottle before I move to a matte gel top coat.

Tag me in your nail sets on instagram, facebook, or whichever platform! I’m on almost everything under the handle @snowrii, except I don’t use my snapchat :/ I need some inspiration for my next set and would love to see your works!

  • David Wilson

    Your shoes are very pretty and I see my favorite color in those crystals,purple.Very pretty nails! This design was created by you? ^ㅂ^

    • They are right! Liz Lisa shoes are so pretty, I wish I owned more pairs!
      Purple in flatback jewels are the prettiest~ yes I created this design ^^ I always just make it up as I go ahahaha