August Nails

It’s nail day again!


Some months, when it gets to the start of the month and that notification comes up on my calendar to get my nails done, I just feel so bleh. It’s just too big an ordeal when you think about how many products you have to take out and how long it’s going to take to design and make your nails x.x


This month was that kind of month. So instead of doing a nice colorful 3D design (as I had originally planned to), I chose to use just colors and nail tattoos.


God I love nail tattoos. They are the greatest things ever created to lazy nail art obsessed people like myself.


For this month’s design, I wanted to use a warm dark kind of shade. This dark grey color was a present from a Farmers Department Store winter fashion launch event a while back, and I rarely got to use it. Because it was rather dark and I wanted to go with a blue theme, I added some blue and silver glitter accents. All in all, doing my nails weren’t that much of a drag after all!


I think the nail tattoos I chose today show up much better on the lighter color nails, but the subtle characters and rings on the dark nails also add a delicate touch. Perhaps next time, I will contrast light color tattoos or bold tattoos on dark nails :3


Matte angels



Product Breakdown

Extensions: Natural pink acrylic over natural clear half-nail

Base color (grey): Essie Cashmere Bathrobe

Base color (white): OPI Funny Bunny

Glitter (blue): Etude House LUCIDarling Fantastic Nail Spangle #7

Glitter (silver): Klean Color Nail Lacquer Chunky Silver #28

Nail tattoos: taobao store but I don’t know which one anymore (HOT-060 on the image linked left is the one I used today. Other nail tattoos I got in the same haul can be seen here)



This month’s nail theme was blue. What color theme would you like to see next month? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


  • Wow those nails are so pretty! I really want to get into nail art~ but my hands are so shaky D:

    • Thank you Lizzie! <3

      I actually have terribly shaky hands too (I can't imagine life when I'm 80…) but if you just try to do it, you will find ways to stabilize enough to get things done! Trust me, you can do it! 😀

  • Those really are sweet looking nails! ^^

    • Thank you Na….(wait do you use your name online? o.o!?)

      • You’re welcome!

        Not often but yeah, ^__^ so feel free to use it ^^

        • Ah awesome, thanks!

          Just thought I should confirm that 😛