Sarah Jean 3 Piece Lash Kit

For the past few years, I’ve been using the same Daiso lash glue and various Taiwanese lashes from Taobao. It worked fine for me because I’m not allergic to anything (that I know of so far).

However, for those that have to use anti-allergenic / latex-free products or have a particular interest in vegan-friendly or cruelty free products, then perhaps today’s review of Sarah Jean lash products will be of interest 🙂

sarah jean 3 piece lash kit

This review covers a three piece kit consisting of a tweezer applicator, the clear glue, and SJ002 style lashes. A three piece kit currently retails at 49AUD, although you can purchase the individual items if you don’t need all the items. There’s also a 5 piece kit of all the items for 75AUD.

Comparing the 3 piece set and the 5 piece set, it’s a far better deal to purchase the full 5 piece set. But if you have heaps of lashes already, perhaps you could do with just the glue (18AUD) as the lash applicator – although handy – isn’t absolutely necessary.

In total, there are 5 types of lashes, and black or clear (dries from white) glue to choose from. Despite the small collection of items available right now, all five are fairly staple styles – fantastic for a beginner’s kit. The sparser lash styles like #1, #3, and #5 can definitely be stacked to create distinct new looks if you wanted to, but at 17AUD a pair, I’m crossing my fingers for new lash styles to be released.

Of course, the most intriguing item in this lash kit is the lash glue. So I’ll talk about this first!

The lash glue is essentially packaged like a mascara. The main appeal of this is that the glue can be easily brushed onto the top of your own lashes, as well as being applied to the lash band so that your lashes will be bonded to the falsies. Although I have sparse and short lashes that don’t have to be stuck to the falsies I wear, I have tried a few times with mascara. Mascara never sticks well, and in the end my lashes become visible AND separated from the falsies. Super awkward.

sarah jean lashes applied
Top left:  nothing on | top right: SJ002 lashes only | bottom left: SJ002 with eyeliner | bottom right: SJ002 with eyeliner and circle lens

With this lash glue though, my lashes managed to remain stuck to the falsies all day! I didn’t even put on mascara as well, yet it didn’t come apart even at night! For the first time, I was able to fully appreciate the cleanliness of having just one layer of lashes.

sarah jean lash glue brush

The downside of the mascara packaging though, is the type of mascara brush that’s provided – a standard spiral brush. Because the glue is thinner than mascara, there isn’t a thick layer at the tip of the brush for applying cleanly to the lash band. Over the past few times I’ve used it, I’ve had to plunge the brush in three or four times to cover each lash band. And because the thin glue dries to become tacky quite quickly, it’s a bit of a rush to get the lash bands covered in time to make sure the glue is still wet by the time I place the lashes on my eyelid.

Another point to mention is how easy it was to remove the glue. It crumbles into small bits, but not in the flaky way that some liquid eyeliners do. Just hold a pad of eye makeup remover to the lashes for a minute and it comes off easily. Pretty surprising, given how well it stuck though the day!

Now the lash applicator – it’s great for sticking your lashes to the falsies without getting your fingers tacky! I prefer to hold the falsies with my own fingers when putting them on so personally, having a special applicator wasn’t a huge plus for me. However, I have seen some people swearing by tweezers of some sort for applying the lashes, and for newbies it would be really helpful to have something precise. The pads on the applicator are like the pads on a good eyelash curler – soft but still sturdy. It’s much easier to use than standard tweezers!

sarah jean 3 piece lash kit

Finally, the SJ002 lashes – a staple thick set of lashes. The design is pretty simple – straight lashes, sparser towards the centre, and thicker and slightly longer on the outside edge. The type of fibre that the lashes are made with is a bit shiny, so I’d definitely recommend using mascara over this set. The lashes arrive nicely curled, and the fibres are very strong – even when I had to apply some pointed pressure to remove some dirt particles, the lashes didn’t move or straighten out! Of course, the best method would have been to remove the dirt using makeup remover but hey, someone has to test the strength of the lashes, right? 😛

sarah jean lashes different angles
SJ002 lashes seen from different angles

All in all, there are highlights and flaws to each of the items in the 3 piece kit, but there is no question as to the quality of the materials that make up this set. If you’ve been sitting on the wall over these, I’d encourage you to give it a go. Even just the glue itself is totally worth a try!

Also, if you wish to purchase some Sarah Jean lash products, you can use the code “SWITCH” at the checkout for a 10% discount (thanks Sarah for posting this offer on my instagram!)

Disclaimer: All opinions written in this post are completely honest and my own. This particular product was sent to me for review without compensation, not that it makes a difference but hey some people like to know.

  • David Wilson

    They look wonderful !! You have very beautiful natural eyes.I saw them in your facebook photo a week ago.Very pretty girl !!

    • Thank you David! It’s been a long time since I’ve updated the blog – it’s lovely to hear from you again! Hope you are doing well? 🙂

      • David Wilson

        I’m doing very well,thank you Rina! I just got back from a one day trip to New York City 🙂 I’m quite a bit older than you,Rina…but,I guess I’m staying youthful,though,because I was able to stay up for thirty-four hours and drive nine-hundred miles round trip.A few Starbuck’s Cafe Mocha’s helped! 😉

  • Ooh that lash glue sounds amazing! I unfortunately have skin allergies so have been tracking down latex-free lash glue for ages before I finally found DUO. Would be nice to try alternative glue though!

    • Omg was that why you stopped wearing gyaru makeup ages back D:
      How is DUO? It’s one of the more well-known pharmacy brands in NZ too. I do recommend giving this brand a go. It should be fairly easy for someone who would be as skilled as you to apply, and shouldn’t irritate your skin!