Review: Royal Vision Bella 4 Tone Gray

This will be my last first review of my A/W 2014 lenses!
edit: I totally forgot that I changed the publishing order for my lens reviews /fail

First of all, a big thank you to EyeCandy’s for sending me these lenses. There was a slight mixup with the shipping address (because we were corresponding by email, not the first time I’ve encountered this with sponsors) but they were super kind, polite, and quick to respond the entire process!

Here, have a super milky-fied collage of the package.
I tried (and failed) to make it look cute QAQ

Usually I would choose something from GEO or EOS, but I couldn’t find any more lenses I wanted to try from those brands, and I wasn’t particularly inclined to have two EOS Ice series open at the same time (have you noticed my obsession with the Ice series yet? lol). So this time, I thought I should be fair and try out a brand that I haven’t used before – after all, there may be some really good new brands out there!

Sample photo. Looks so teary and well-blended right~ >w<

I chose the Royal Vision Bella 4 Tone Gray (wtf such a long name) because the pattern looked like it would be natural on my eyes. After being metaphorically burnt by the sheerness of my EOS Ice Brown, I really wanted this one to blend into my iris well. Especially since the diameter is so big!

Diameter: 14.5mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Power: 0.00 ~ -8.00
Water Content: 42%
6 Month Disposable
Stock photo. How come the brown in lenses always look so yellow??
First time I noticed on actually reading the product description, is that Royal Vision uses the same equipment as Vassen (denoted by “Vassen OEM”). Which is good. I like Vassen. The Crystal blue lenses I reviewed are the best blue ones I’ve ever had, and they’re Vassen. This is the first time I’ve seen a brand clearly stating an affiliation with another brand’s manufacturing plant though. I did, on a few occasions some years ago, hear through the grapevine that some lenses from different companies were theoretically identical because the designs were the same, and the quality was difficult to tell apart…
Anyhow, moving on. The water content of 42% is pretty fair. Though I don’t think I can feel a difference between 38% and 42%, it’s always good to get something with higher water content, yeah?

The diameter of 14.5 was actually quite surprising to me. Thing with circle is that the diameter shown in their specs doesn’t always relate to the size of the color – the diameter just says how wide the lens piece is. Hence, some lenses have color printed closer to the edge than others, and thus appear larger. This is one of those! Despite being 14.5mm, it looks absolutely massive and I love it~ ❤

Watch out for the fact that these lenses are 6 month disposables. Usually the circle lenses are yearly, and the more international brands like acuvue come in dailies, fortnightly, and monthlies, but this is the first half-year circle lenses I’ve seen. Rightly so, too, as I’ll explain later.

royal vision bella 4 tone gray
Indoor and flash photo were taken on a different day ><

From the daylight image, you can actually still clearly see the edge of my iris behind the lenses. I guess the grey isn’t that opaque in these lenses either, but they don’t make me look as weird as with the eos ice brown lenses? I look a bit blind sometimes, but you know, that’s alright. X’D

I really really love the specks of brown between the grey (more visible in indoor lighting), and how long the rays of black are. They blend my iris color with the grey on the lenses much better than lenses with only shades of grey. This design is the best for darker colored eyes to achieve the perfect teary eye look! >w<

Design: 5/5 – Luuuuuuuuuuuurve!
Comfort: 3/5 – Thick and dries rather quickly. Mostly just thick.
Enlargement: 5/5 – Would give it 10/5 if I could. It’s the perfect size imo!
Overall: 5/5 – It’s just too pretty to not give it full rating *V*

Ok so about the comfort; these lenses are possibly the thickest lenses I’ve used so far. It’s not that they dry up per se, but rather they are so thick that my eye feels dehydrated and lacking in oxygen really quickly, so it becomes uncomfortable. On the day I took photos for these, I also took photos for the 3 other lenses I’m reviewing for A/W 2014. This was the first pair I tried on, and the difference as I changed between the four pairs in less than four hours was quite noticeable. In terms of dry-ness, GEO Flower Lotus were probably the worst, but in terms of thickness, this pair wins by miles. It’s funny, because the description for these lenses states that they are “thin and breathable”.
Perhaps it’s just this pair? I will try another pair by Royal Vision some time to test if my theory is right. They’re not scratchy or uncomfortable in any other way, just not very breathable.

Selfie time! I thoroughly enjoyed taking selfies for these lenses omg. These lenses just make me look so pretty~~~

royal vision bella 4 tone gray
For a 14.5mm, they really look massive!

royal vision bella 4 tone gray

royal vision bella 4 tone gray
They’re actually a little too large for my eyes without big gyaru eye-makeup ><

royal vision bella 4 tone gray
The halo is really pretty~~

Want these lenses? You can buy them here! (there’s some more sample photos on that page too)