Review: GEO Flower Lotus Gray

Hai hai ~

Here is my second grey lens review of A/W 2014 (and last of this season)!

This time I decided to try a grey lens with a really bold pattern, for kurogal/oraora style! Even though I have never dressed oraora, and I don’t think I could with the wardrobe I have (lol), the style is pretty awesome so perhaps I could incorporate some of it into my daily fashion with awesome lenses!

As usual, I went to GEO/EOS on my hunt for lenses. In the end, these are the two brands I absolutely trust in the market. There are so many new brands coming out in droves, it’s hard to imagine that any would have developed a good formula, or one that’s better than such established brands right?? (I bought these before EyeCandy’s kindly sent me the Royal Vision Bella 4 Tone Gray)

I always wanted to try a pair of lenses that had a pattern like diamonds on it, even though the design is really in-your-face and super unnatural ><

Now, on to the review!

Power: 0.00 ~ -8.00
Diameter: 15.0mm
Base Curve: 8.7mm
Water Content: 38%
1 Year Disposable
Stock photo. Again. Sorry QAQ
Even though these lenses appear to have a small amount of space in the middle for the iris, it’s never obstructed my vision. The lenses feel a little stiff (compared to EOS Ice series), but they’re not really drying. It’s just quite noticeable that you’re wearing lenses. Sometimes with the ice series I really do forget why my vision is so clear without glasses on (lol)!
I think perhaps contacts with large black limbal rings appear smaller than they actually are? The enlargement is not as much as I would expect from an 15.0mm. It feels more like…14.5~14.8 perhaps?
geo flower lotus gray
They don’t look 15.0mm…
I guess in terms of natural-ness, it’s actually pretty good for lenses with a diamond-like pattern. The light grey pattern, though opaque, is not as obvious as I thought it would be since all the colors are in small specks and there are a few shades of grey. Especially since the edge of my iris is not that obvious as the grey is rather opaque, and the pattern diamond-like anyway. However, the inner edge where the grey ends is quite obvious, which I dislike.
Design: 5/5 – probably the most natural diamond pattern lenses on the market?
Comfort: 4/5 – feels a little thick
Enlargement: 3/5 – not as much as I was expecting
Overall: 4/5
These lenses would look great with really heavy eye makeup ora ora/rokku style though!
Like this. right? right???? xD
Selfies –
geo flower lotus gray
The design is super nice from far away ~

geo flower lotus gray
Can’t see the edge of my iris at all!

geo flower lotus gray
I just wanted to show my hair accessories tbh ^^;

geo flower lotus gray

geo flower lotus gray
All in all, these lenses were fun to try, but I think (for now) I will personally stick with purchasing teary type lenses. They’re just so much easier to work with all types of looks ><
  • I do like that colour on you, it’s great! ^__^