Review: Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream for Oily & Combination Skin

Hi everyone!

I had typed up half of this before leaving for vacation, but just didn’t get around to releasing the post, so here it is now, before I start on my travel posts! >.<

This is my second product review on a product sent for trial by BeautyReview. Roxy actually received her one (read her review here) a day before and I was really worried I wouldn’t receive mine before I leave! Thanfully I did get it the day after I saw Roxy’s review, pheww ~

As it is, I don’t have time to try it on my face anyway, so you’ll just see the massive color contrast on the back of my hand hahaha (you will see. It’s pretty dramatic.)

First, some photos of the packaging~

Listed benefits:

1. Hydrates for 24hrs
2. Evens tone
3. Corrects blemishes
4. Boosts healthy glow
5. UV Protection SPF 15

There is a lot of room in the box for the tube to roll around in: -1

I quite like this long thin tube style. It’s a lot easier to carry in a small makeup pouch compare to the big blocky tubes. Strange that mine not only came in a different kind of packaging to Roxy’s, but mine is 40mL- less than her 50mL tube! I wonder if the prices are different too?? It’s clearly the same line of product…

And also, when I found the product on Garnier USA’s site, it’s 60mL. Feeling a bit ripped off right about now.

I squeezed some before realising I need to shake it lol. Why do bb creams and makeup base look so gross if you don’t shake it every time OTL

As you can see, the tone is a bit pinker than my skin tone. I like it though!

My lovely tan
The product covers all the way from my forearm to the knuckles at the end of my metacarpels (you can see the difference right??) the color is very even: +1!!!

The lines on my hands are quite visible, but that may be due to the tanner skin tone. I haven’t tanned in a while but when I observe tanned people their skin seems to be quite liney. My skin feels silky after applying, though a little dusty too! As usual, BB cream isn’t as sticky or absorbing as well as foundation does on my skin.

That color difference. Lol.

Does it do what it says it will do? I don’t think it’s hydrating at all, but it definitely does even my skin tone, correct blemishes (though you can still see my little mole or freckle thing), and gives my skin a healthy glow. It glow very well in fact, to the point where it almost looks a bit shiny. But that’s what people call dewy skin, no?

Anyway, with regards to the SPF 15, I think it’s always good to have SPF protection in all your products and even SPF 15 is better than no SPF protection!

Of the product effectiveness tests that Garnier conducted, it was also hydration that failed a bit compared to the other stats (read here).

Final Ratings!
Texture: 3 (dusty)
Scent: 4 (no distinctive scent, so it’s good!)
Absorption:2 (doesn’t feel like I absorbed anything at all, so I don’t think it hydrates as claimed)
Effectiveness: 3 (looks pretty good when applied, but doesn’t last long)
Overall: 3

I look forward to using the rest of this product for kurogal photoshoots, but otherwise I’m not tan enough to go outside wearing this lol. If the product is really cheap in your country, then it may be worth giving a go but in NZ, Garnier is a little more expensive than a typical ‘drugstore brand’ so I personally won’t be repurchasing.