Review: EOS Ice Brown Circle Lens


This is my second lens review for A/W 2014, of my favourite lenses at that! Woot!

It seems like I am always behind on reviews lol. I (try to) get new lenses every half year, and these have been open since early Feb so they’re already reaching the end of their time with me wtf. Time flies by so fast this year!! QAQ

I bought these lenses last year sometime, after I tried on the EOS Ice Violet lenses and absolutely fell in love with the series. There isn’t much to say about these lenses – they’re just as comfortable as the Ice Violet, the pattern just as pretty, etc. etc.! But anyway I’ll go through the whole review shebang cause, why not.

Power: 0.00 ~ -10.00
Diameter: 14.8mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.8mm
1 Year Disposable
Something I didn’t actually pick up the last time I reviewed EOS Ice is that the water content is actually less than some lenses that say 42%. However, these lenses don’t dry on my eyes at all! Quite strange? It makes me wonder how much I can trust the numbers written on circle lenses…
Also the B/C on these lenses is 8.8, larger than the usual 8.6! I haven’t gotten my eyes checked in a while, but if circle lenses often feel really uncomfortable on you, it’s likely to be because the B/C doesn’t fit you.
Unfortunately I lost the photo of the lens inside the bottle when my netbook died, so here’s the stock photo.
The stock photo makes the lens look more yellow than it really is. Indeed the lens is more ‘yellow’ than ‘brown’, but the yellow just isn’t quite this saturated IRL.
eos ice brown
I really liked how these lenses have a thin black ring around the edge with small rays reaching towards the centre. At first this was what drew me to the lenses when I had my violet pair, but on the brown it’s much easier to see the edge of my iris below the brown/yellow color. The centre of the lenses blend really well with my iris color, which is absolutely perfect. The lighter colors of this series will probably blend better on people with lighter eye color though, to avoid the weird edge-of-your-iris showing…
Don’t get me wrong, the halo effect is pretty nice when you look at it from far away, but sometimes (for example, when I look to the far left) it look screepy. Just. Downright. Creepy. ><
Because of their large diameter, I very very rarely wear them to uni. Hence, I’ve only worn them probably less than a dozen times this half year. They’re still super comfortable for long hours (6-~8hrs easily), perhaps because the B/C is right for me? Anyway, I’ll probably keep these for a while longer till they start getting dry ^^;

Design: 4/5 – color opacity is not enough for this this color
Comfort: 5/5 – obviously
Enlargement: 5/5 – duh
Overall: 4/5 – unfortunately the fact that the edge of my iris is so visible is a big no no. It’s fine in photos cause I can meitu the sh*t out of it, but IRL, nope.
A few selfies with these lenses –
eos ice brown
Iris. Iris. Iris. fml.

eos ice brown

eos ice brown
When the iris edge blends well, it looks fabulous 

eos ice brown

eos ice brown
see that halo? That super obvious halo edge QAQ

The teary eye look is so pretty~~~~ (´∀`)♡

I think the next colors I will purchase in this series are blue and pink. I don’t have either of those colors right now, and in fact, I don’t think I’ve tried any pink lenses since EOS Candy Pink many years ago…!?!?