GEO Eyescream Review [Confetti]

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Today I am posting the long-awaited GEO eyescream review! This series consist of (brown)Chocomousse, (hazel) Vanilla Brown, and (gray) Rayray Gray lenses.

The lenses were sent to us by GEO coloured lenses in October *last year* during exam period, so we never got around to doing a full photoshoot for them ><

We considered leaving this review until Cora got back from Europe so that we could do a full shoot, but it’s just too far off ><

So yup, this review is just going to come from visually impaired me today!

GEO Eyes Cream series yay! Bottles are so kawaii~~

TBH when I first heard about these lenses, i expected some dreamy swirly super big and dolly lenses. And when I got the lenses, my first thought was “oh wow, they’re actually really natural…*insert disappointment*”

It’s actually been quite a while since i really splurged on GEO lenses, since I’ve been really after the OTT colors and super large lenses that don’t look natural at all. It’s actually quite nice to try these for a change!