Day 2 | 30 Days of Gyaru Challenge

This is the second 30 Days of Gyaru challenge!

Today’s challenge is:

A picture of yourself with fifteen facts


Hmm…I think this challenge means a recent photo? I don’t take that many selfies now so…here’s the most recent one that can see the light of day 😀


selfie 2015



And 15 facts about me!


  1. I’m so exhausted that I’m about to pass out and will do so as soon as this post is complete. Looking forward to a good night’s sleep.
  2. My bf is trying to convince me to not give up on Hearthstone. I just started it as a bus game two weeks ago but it seems to need so much grind time and I just cbf :/
  3. I am currently in love with Shokugeki no Souma and Wakako-zake. Wakako-zake is basically how I’d be if I lived in Japan where I can buy food and drink with 1 coin (refer to ep 7)
  4. I also need to finish ‘I can’t understand my husband’ (Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken). It’s good. Even though I don’t understand all the puns and references.
  5. I would set my targets at a comfortable distance outside of my comfort zone so that I don’t have to risk a lot
  6. I am experiencing a deep internal struggle between getting more onee-style clothes and nails etc. in order to have more variety for work, and sticking to the more alternative gyaru styles
  7. I’m disappointed with the lack of creativity I put into my fashion recently. I’ve noticed that even if I don’t put my own twist on things and just follow trends, I will still stand out enough because gyaru is fundamentally flashier and different to the norm in NZ ._.
  8. I currently own (and am wearing right now) a big fluffy throw scarf that looks and feels really warm but leaves patches of fluff all over my clothes. It’s especially bad on knits which hook the fluff really well. And sometimes a fibre would get in my eye and it’s really irritable too. It’s frustrating because it’s really warm and I like it but it causes me so much trouble ;w;
  9. I’m watching Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun right now as I am typing this, and feeling blessed that I can blog on my laptop while playing anime on my desktop. This is the life. Seriously <3
  10. My desktop gets very little love. Sometimes I don’t even get to use it for an entire week or possibly weeks at a time. It’s such a pity ;w;
  11. Tenshi nee-chan helped me purchase the MA*RS jewel rose skirt recently which went on discount from 5900yen to 3900yen! I can’t wait to get it when I go to Japan – whenever that may be ._.;
  12. I am torn between making my hair ash colored and strawberry pink. They’re complete opposites but both so pretty ;w;
  13. My favourite song right now…I don’t have one 🙁
  14. I’m currently reading Being Mortal by Atul Gawande
  15. My favourite video right now is:


Man, just 15 facts is so difficult to find! How do people regularly do the 20 facts about me challenges?? xD


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  • David Wilson

    Really interesting facts!! 🙂 If I may put in my two cents worth on hair color..You’re still quite young and I think strawberry pink is something a girl you’re age could easily and nicely pull off! A bright strawberry pink possibly may be too much for your workplace? But how about something like in this YouTube video? I’m going to try to provide the link to the video but if it doesn’t work,the name of the video is ” Olaplex Lilac Lavender Strawberry Blond Hair,Guy Tang.I think something like that would look awesome on you!! That skirt and the outfit the girl in the picture is wearing..If I had an extra hand I’d give it three thumbs up!!! Have an awesome day!!

    • Ehhh yeah I think so too!! Work restrictions ;w; But I may be able to do like a pinkish tinted brown? If it’s not too extravagant or patchy then I think it might pass :3

      I love Guy Tang’s work! His balayage is AMAZING! I love how subtle the lilac lavender strawberry blonde in that video (I searched it up – so easy haha 430k views!) I wish I could make it as subtle as he does! That color does look pretty darn amazing~~~

      Yes!! Last year I was soo against that style but now that I’ve seen it so much (and it’s more office appropriate than some of the other gyaru styles) I’m starting to love it too! Plus, it’s still super flashy 😛

      Hope you have a fantastic day too, David!

      • David Wilson

        Thanks,Rina!! I like the idea of you doing the 30 day gyaru challenge! ^_^ After this weekend I’m taking three days off from work.Going to the Cleveland Air Show….and doing another road trip to New York City 😛 I guess I’ve been somewhat obsessed with that place this year,XD! I like traveling,though and I’ve been through a lot of changes in my life this past year and traveling has given me a lot of time to get away and think things over and sort things out 😀

        • Thanks! 😀

          Wow, sounds like some quality you-time! I hope you have a wonderful trip, and stay safe / drive safe!!

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