BaviPhat 3 color grey | O-Lens

Yay! A new circle lens review!

It’s been so long since I’ve reviewed circle lenses – in fact I’d almost stopped using circle lenses and had thrown out all my existing lenses, when I was contacted by Pinkicon to review one of their lenses. Let’s just put it out there right now that although the lenses in this review were sent to me by Pinkicon at no cost, all opinions are 100% my own and honest. Kay, let’s continue!

O-lens is a brand I have never tried before. I mostly wore GEO or EOS lenses previously (and reviewed some of them). They were popular/well established brands and therefore less likely to be counterfeit/have problems? Not entirely logical I know, but I just couldn’t be bothered researching reviews on other brands tbh 😛

This time though, I was wanted to try the BaviPhat 3 color grey lenses because they’re

  • 14.00mm DIA (slightly enlarging)
  • 6-month lenses rather than the yearly ones I used to have
  • I still love grey/brown lenses. So unnatural but subtly so ❤

Over the years, intensive contact lens usage has made my eyes rather sensitive and dry so I really wanted to move off thick circle lenses and even use proper prescription lenses sparingly.

The package that I received:

lenses in glass pots in plastic frame and paper design

back of sleeve with instructions
Instructions I sadly cannot read
Receipt/order information, lens care information in English and traditional Chinese, and lens case
Standard stuff – not a fan of this lens case. I forgot what happened now but it pretty much died on me immediately x.x
pamphlet of lens styles
Pamphlet with new styles!
pamphlet of lens styles
More on the back~

I really liked the Eye coffret UV 1 day lenses and the Heroine make 1 day lenses from the first page of the pamphlet. They sound comfortable and good for work. *worker life*

Details of the colors and design – brown in the centre, grey, and then black around the outside. I like the speckled print designs rather than solid color print because it blends easier and looks more natural/softer ^^

Lens close up

The following is a comparison of enlargement and how they look in different lighting.

I was so disoriented taking the first photo cause my lenses have power and it was weeeird seeing clearly in one eye and so not in the other! Might just do both eyes with and without lenses in the future haha


Also apologies about the low quality in tungsten lighting. Long story short – it looks natural in low light yeah? 😀

looking left, straight, and right
The color is dense enough that it looks natural even when I’m looking out to the side!
Selfies with baviphat 3 color grey lenses
A rare wink haha how did I used to take so many cheesy selfies cause this was damn difficult LOL

The size is indeed, perfect~ Enlarging, but not as crazy as the EOS ice 14.5mm lenses I had xD

So far, they’ve been pretty comfortable. I’ve worn them for 11 hours today (first time wearing these lenses at all), and it’s not feeling dry yet. Of course, lenses usually dry faster over time (or at least that’s my experience) but maybe it’s because of the smaller lens size, or whatever but this lens has been comfortable so far! There have been lenses that felt dry literally the first day I wore them (even though it 100% should not!), so I’m pretty impressed with these.

It’s listed as 32USD for a pair on pinkicon’s site. OK to be exact 31.73 but eh, such an awkward number. Anyway, the price is alright, given Pinkicon gives free standard worldwide shipping. There’s also free speed post service for the first 1kg if you purchase over 250USD. I used to always bulk order with friends, so this would have been perfect to get our lenses quick for no extra cost wtf ;w;

All in all, I think these lenses would be good for purchasing both for work and weekend look, and the comfort is top notch! Additionally, I loved how natural they look in flash light! Good job O-lens!! The only downside is that if you’re really tight on budget, this might be on the pricier side, compared to the other lenses on the market? All in all, considering it’s the same price as I’d pay for 1 month prescription lenses, I’d be happy to repurchase when this pair expires.

  • David Wilson

    Are the girls pictured in the pamphlet gyaru , in your opinion? The one who has straight bangs and the word POP in yellow just to the right of her is very attractive.I’d probably quit flying if she wanted me to spend my money on her,lol ! I like the picture of you winking.You have a beautiful smile. 🙂

    • Not really, a few might lean towards the style, but most of the girls in the pamphlet look to me like they’re going with a Korean makeup style.
      Thank you David! I try to take more expressive photos, unfortunately most of them don’t show off products quite as much though. Perhaps that’s why so many makeup/product review and tutorial photos are pokerface