Makeup, Outfit

A weekend of getting back into the swing of life

The past few weeks have been a bit of a drag. I keep wanting to, and attending, events – but never get around to editing and uploading the photos for them. As one would expect, putting things off here and there, and one day you wake up and realise that everything seems to be behind schedule.

Well I finally decided to take a small break and breathe, so yesterday my mom and I went around for an afternoon of eating!

Even though I brought my camera, I didn’t end up taking any photos of our food. Rare right? xD
We had a huuge gelato at a new gelato store in Browns Bay (it’s beachside), with Coffee Walnut and Pistachio on a waffle cone. The coffee walnut was actually really good!
Then we swung by Mairangi Bay to get cookies and fish from a fish & chips store that mom has been craving for at least a month now. Can’t nobody stop a craving woman! >:|

Browns Bay! It was such a gorgeous day. Behold my great panoramic photo-taking skills. 😛

Daylight saving officially ended today. Even though I got an extra hour of sleep and feel really good now, I’m also a bit sad that summer is over :'(
Super envying those of you in the Northern Hemisphere who are entering summer, some going on summer vacay soon! Ahh a holiday would be so good right now…


I’ve also been taking a break from my usual style. I really needed to ground myself for a while, and properly fix my frame of mind for studying/working and all that shebang. Midsemester is coming up; the pressure is on!

I cut my nails too! It’s been a while since I had *short* nails, but they’re going to stay like this until perhaps midsemester break starts…or when I’m ready to jump back into the gal life (completely) again ><

Makeup these past two days. Really toning it down ><

I really miss being flashy, but I’m so un-inspired with my wardrobe recently. I don’t know if I should get more clothes or what…. actually who am I kidding, of course I need more clothes. But until then, I think I will coord my more mainstream clothes for a while and take a break from the kawaii life. I will definitely be returning though ;-; can’t live without all that glitz and glamour and frills and lace!

I also bought some new stationery today – the japanese store downstairs in Albany Mall stocked up on a lot of sanrio merch, mostly hellokitty and little twin stars! Of course, much of it is entirely useless (in NZ for sure), but I did get a few anyway. The cardboard shelves are also gorgeous!

taking a break from the kawaii lyfe wuuuuuuuut? xD

I hope to start doing and posting more interesting stuff soon ;-; life seems so plain atm! ><