Short Gyaru hair inspo / First look at my shorter hair

I still haven’t decided what I want to do with the final color 🙁

Since buying the champagne pink dye, I have taken a look around online and apparently it doesn’t work. at all.

This afternoon I bumped into a friend and she got some red highlights recently. It looked really good, and she said it was by a trainee hair colorist for only 30$ wtf!!

I think I may go and get that trainee to do my pink, and use the champagne pink in the future to touch up / cover the roots when my hair grows out a bit…

Now, photo time! I thought I might as well dump all the photos I looked through when researching what hair style / color / length to get, in case anyone else wants to reference. It was really hard finding photos from all over the net! ;v;

First, my hair right now

After a day of uni it’s super limp lol. Got a nice rokku feel yeah?

I’m pretty satissfied with the ombre. It didn’t lift all too much, so I won’t have to deal with disgusting regrowth in the future!

I ended up getting my haircut referencing this style
Rokku gyaru

Long fringe / pixie cut

Pink / purple half-half color

Onee gyaru

Neo / himekaji

Rokku gyaru

Neo / onee gyaru

More styling options – shoulder length

70/30 dye split

Rokku / Onee / Neo omg she looks so good with this hair just wtf.

Half half again, bob cut

More neo gyaru styling for shoulder length

Below shoulder length hair faked to look shorter. It’s pretty cute actually!

Mid-neck length styling

I actually referenced my mom’s hairstyle from this! Base of neck length

Base of neck length again, amekaji, kogal

Long sides and short back style?


Inspired me to do ombre style. Bob cut

Inspired me to do some streaks

I really really wanted this cut omfg so gorgeous.

 But then my hairdresser said my hair is too thin / don’t have enough hair to make this style work == well, at least he warned me :’)

Bob cut styling

If you end up referencing one of these styles for your cut, comment or link me a photo of your hairstyle! I would like to keep updating this post with new photos for future reference 🙂