Day 25 | 30 Days of Gyaru Challenge

This is the twenty fifth post to the 30 days of Gyaru challenge!

Today’s challenge is:

Worst hair/wig experience.


Well, this is an interesting challenge. It’s so different from the previous challenges! Such a specific request…


I have many wigs.


I purchased them during a period when my hair was rather short and my mom would not let me dye it. I thought, perhaps, I could just use wigs instead of changing hair color all the time.


I was wrong xD


Thing is, I have a high body temperature. Pretty much every eyeliner melts off me, regardless of whether it’s crayon, gel, or liquid. Chanel crayon and Bobbi Brown gel are two that almost don’t melt on me, while MAC liquidlast is the only eyeliner is the only eyeliner that truly doesn’t melt on me.

Because of my high body temperature, I don’t fare well in summer. I perspire easily, especially wearing synthetic materials that don’t breathe well. Wigs in particular, are terrible for me. Most unfortunately, I have a great love for long hair so most of my wigs are long waist length) or super long (hip/thigh length)


Additionally, most wigs are made to a standard circumference. My head is also rather large, so nearly all of my wigs give a headache from the constant pressure around my head.


I guess most of my wig experiences are bad .____.



I do have one wig that was super extra terrible though.

It was my first wig, and I purchased it in New Zealand.

For a wig, it wasn’t extravagantly expensive or cheap. At the time I was a very poor and stingy student, so I thought the $20 was pretty expensive. The wig was a wavy, brown, and was shoulder-blade length. All of that sounds alright of course, until I wore it and realised that it was extremely thin and very very shiny. My hair showed through between the strands, the lace capping showed through, heck even my scalp showed through because my hair was thin too LOL


Needless to say, that wig is long gone. I either donated it or threw it away. Perhaps someone would make good use of it. Even though it is a terrible wig, it’s still better than no wig for people that want one right?


*feature image is an old photo which I pulled of instagram because I no longer have the original. Sadly, I don’t have the HD version anymore /cry*

  • I can relate to having a big head. 🙁 Or maybe it was just the couple wigs I bought lololol. But omg it’s a good thing you don’t live in a tropical country, or how would you survive being super hot???

    • If you bought a few and they all feel small, then your head is probably larger than “standard” xD there’s a wig shop on taobao that has a category of ‘large head’ wigs 😛

      I would totally get heatstroke all the time and have to move out. Can’t deal with it!! Wonder how I’ll deal in Fiji lmao ;-;